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Super Absorbent

Fast and Hard Clumping

Dust Free

Fully absorb cat urine and odor within seconds, inhibit the growth of bacteria, keep the surface of cat litter dry and clean, and keep the air fresh. Used cat litter can adequately wrap the cat’s excrement and absorb more than four times the amount of cat urine.

Cat litter can clump quickly when it meets cat urine. Scented cat litter will mask the smell of excrement, and clumped cat litter is hard and does not disperse easily.

Cat litter has no dust, will not hurt the cat’s respiratory tract, will not affect the environment, even if a pot of cat litter is not cleaned in time, cats repeatedly stepping on it will not cat litter also will not be brought out to affect indoor hygiene.

LOVE SAND Brand Upgrade Carry Handle Packaging Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite clay cat litter is like a natural clay for the family pet, a healthy cat litter made up of natural bentonite clay without any chemical additives.

Emily’s Pet brand bentonite litter not only clumps easily, but dissolves quickly in water.

Cat Global Brand Carry Handle Packaging Bentonite Cat Litter


It is 99% dust-free after use, with no paw prints from your pet. Our recommended bentonite clay cat litter is spherical, with the advantage of bentonite clay that is 99% dust free. It does not contain any chemical additives and is made from natural bentonite clay at a reasonable price.


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Emily Pets Brand Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite is one of the most popular materials for cats because it has a fine texture, close to natural fine sand.
It absorbs water very quickly and can clump together in less than 1 second. The small particles will better encase the feces and are less likely to stick to the bottom and edges of the cat’s litter box. Just use a cat litter scoop to scoop it out after use.

Large Manufacturing Scale and Delivery Time Shortening

Carefully selected pure natural bentonite clay, soy fiber without added ingredients, and the best birch wood as raw materials, from the source to achieve environmental protection and non-toxic.

5 bentonite cat litter production lines, 3 tofu cat litter production lines and 4 wood chip production lines are produced at the same time to meet customers’ needs for large orders

We have bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter, pine cat litter, and small pet bedding materials such as bath sand, wood shavings, and aspen shaving.

We have a professional team with people who have been working for more than ten years and experienced business people.

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