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Is Bentonite Good for Cat Litter?

Cat owners are no strangers to the perpetual quest for the perfect cat litter. With various options available. One particular contender has gained popularity for its absorbent qualities and natural origins – bentonite. Derived from volcanic ash, bentonite cat litter has become a staple in many households. 

But is it truly the purrfect choice for your feline friend? Let’s dig into the world of bentonite cat litter to unearth its benefits and considerations.

The Marvel of Bentonite:

  1. Exceptional Absorbency: Bentonite’s star quality lies in its exceptional absorbent properties. This natural clay forms clumps when it comes into contact with moisture. It is making it easy to scoop out and maintain a clean litter box. This feature is a game-changer for cat owners seeking a hassle-free solution to managing their pet’s waste.

  2. Odor Control: No one wants their home to carry the unmistakable scent of a litter box. Bentonite excels in trapping and neutralizing odors, keeping your living space fresh and pleasant. The clumping action also aids in removing soiled litter efficiently, contributing to a cleaner environment for both you and your cat.

  3. Dust-Free Environment: Cats can be sensitive creatures, and respiratory issues can arise from dust particles in traditional litter. Bentonite cat litter is known for its low dust content, reducing the risk of respiratory problems and ensuring a healthier atmosphere for your feline companion.

  4. Environmentally Friendly: As a natural clay product, bentonite is biodegradable, making it a more eco-friendly choice compared to some synthetic alternatives. Cat owners concerned about their environmental impact may find solace in choosing a litter that won’t contribute to landfills for extended periods.


  1. Tracking: While the clumping action of bentonite is excellent for easy cleanup, it can lead to tracking. Some cats may carry the litter outside the box, leaving a trail of tiny particles. Placing a mat around the litter box can help minimize this issue.

  2. Price Point: Bentonite cat litter, especially the high-quality varieties, may be slightly more expensive than other options on the market. However, many cat owners find the benefits outweigh the cost. Considering the ease of maintenance and the health benefits for both cats and their owners.

  3. Allergies: Though low in dust, bentonite is still a clay product, and some cats or owners may be sensitive or allergic to it. If you notice any adverse reactions, consult with your veterinarian and consider alternative litters.

In the grand realm of cat litter choices, bentonite stands out as a formidable contender. Its natural origins, excellent absorbency, and odor-controlling prowess make it a favorite among cat owners seeking a convenient and effective solution. 

While considerations like tracking and potential allergies exist, the overall consensus is that bentonite cat litter is a valuable addition to any cat household. Contributing to a cleaner, fresher, and more environmentally conscious living space for both you and your feline friend.