A cat litter factory can have several competitive advantages in the B2B market

A cat litter factory has several advantages in the market that can help it stand out in a competitive environment. Here are some potential advantages: Product Quality and Performance: Offering high-quality, high-performance cat litter products is the most basic competitive advantage. Ensuring cat litter has excellent absorption, odor control, and easy-to-clean properties to meet the […]

Discovering Three Popular Cat Litter Types for a Clean and Happy Kitty

Cats are known for their independent nature and meticulous grooming habits. However, providing them with the right type of cat litter is essential for their comfort and your home’s cleanliness. In this blog post, we’ll delve into three widely used cat litter types while excluding silica-based options, without mentioning specific brand names.   1. Clumping […]

The Complete Guide on How to Use Cat Litter

  Cat litter is an essential component of every cat owner’s home, providing a hygienic and convenient solution for our furry companions to relieve themselves. However, using cat litter correctly ensures your cat’s comfort and maintains a clean living space. In this blog post, we will cover the best practices for choosing the right cat […]

Is tofu litter better than other cat litter?

  Tofu cat litter is currently the most environmentally friendly, harmless cat litter. Tofu cat litter is made of food-grade soy pulp that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It is one of the longest-lasting, easiest to clean, and odor-absorbent litters available. It’s a natural option that is biodegradable and can be flushed down […]

Comparing tofu cat litter and bentonite, which kind of cat litter is better?

Comparing tofu cat litter and bentonite, which kind of cat litter is better?   Cat litter is an object used by the owner to bury feces and urine for the cats raised by the owner. It has good water absorption. It is generally used together with the litter box (or cat toilet). Pour an appropriate […]

Bentonite Cat Litter for Emily Pets

Still, struggling to choose cat litter? As an excellent shovel officer, we always want to pick a cat litter with high-cost performance for cats. Then, please believe me, the bentonite cat litter I recommend to you now will be a good choice. Puyuan (Dalian) has 23 years of experience in producing and developing cat litter. […]

What do you know about pine cat litter

Choosing cat litter is a very important thing for cat owners. The hydroscopicity of cat litter, agglomerate, dosage, dust all should accord with certain standard and psychological expectation. Consider whether cats like to use it, whether it has an impact on the environment, and whether it is harmful to humans. So Emily Pets’s  new pine wood clumping cat litter has […]

How to Quickly Identify High Quality Tofu Cat Litter

  Tofu cat litter made from pea fiber, starch, gum with high temperature and high-pressure process. It have so much advantages such as non-toxic, environment-friendly, tasteless, pollution-free, safe, fast adsorption speed and low production cost. All the material are natural ingredients which is harmless even be eaten by accident. Our Tofu cat litter is flush able. Clumps after meeting liquid can […]