Still, struggling to choose cat litter? As an excellent shovel officer, we always want to pick a cat litter with high-cost performance for cats. Then, please believe me, the bentonite cat litter I recommend to you now will be a good choice.

Puyuan (Dalian) has 23 years of experience in producing and developing cat litter. We have conducted an in-depth survey on the needs of customers and cats for cat litter. It is precise because we have the same love for cats to make products, so our products have been well received by customers in 74 countries.

As shovel officers, we are most worried about the dust size, agglomeration performance, deodorization performance and environmental protection performance of cat litter. However, you don’t have to worry about these concerns by choosing bentonite cat litter produced and developed by us. First of all, our cat litter is dust-free. When our cat walks out of the tray, we can’t see cat paw prints on the floor. At the same time, our cat litter has different shapes, such as ball-shaped, strip-shaped, odd-shaped, activated carbon shape, small odd-shaped and small ball-shaped. You can choose your favorite shape according to your preference. Secondly, the bentonite cat litter produced by us has very good clustering performance, which can quickly cluster in 3 seconds and absorb 100% of water. Secondly, our bentonite cat litter has excellent deodorization performance. Customers can choose apple, lemon, lavender, green tea, rose, orange, strawberry coffee and other flavors according to their needs. Last but not least, our bentonite cat litter is very environmentally friendly and can be used as flower fertilizer after cats use it.

If you are interested in our products, please get in touch with us immediately without hesitation. Not only are our products reliable, but our team is more trustworthy. I will be very happy if I can become a long-term partner with you.



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