Comparing tofu cat litter and bentonite, which kind of cat litter is better?


Cat litter is an object used by the owner to bury feces and urine for the cats raised by the owner. It has good water absorption. It is generally used together with the litter box (or cat toilet). Pour an appropriate amount of cat litter into the litter box, the trained cat will walk into the litter box and place the cat feces on it when it needs to be excreted.

At present, the more common cat litter in the cat litter market are tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter.

These two kinds of cat litter are good in clumping, water absorption and deodorization. It is difficult to say which kind of cat litter is better. It is better to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of cat litter. The owner makes a choice. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of bentonite cat litter and tofu cat litter.

  1. Tofu cat litter

Advantages: It is environmentally friendly, dust-free and non-toxic. It is harmless to cats and people. It is clumpable, so it is easy to clean up. Its ingredients are natural, and the main ingredient is pea fiber. According to the cat’s size, it can be changed for 12 days, 7 days, and 5 days. It is recommended that if you are raising a purebred cat, the kind with weak stomach (easy to diarrhea) must be a clump type. The cat is absolutely fine after eating it. Okara is edible (but choose a manufacturer without industrial additives). It is highly suitable for cats after surgery and kittens before half a year old.


Disadvantages: Tofu cat litter is easy to mold in summer or humid environments. So try to store it in a dry place. Its price is slightly higher than bentonite cat litter.


  1. Bentonite cat litter


Advantages: The water absorption of bentonite cat litter is good. It can completely absorb the moisture and urine in the feces, and then condense into a big hard mass. The cat owner is very convenient and hygienic when cleaning up. If the owner cleans the bentonite cat litter frequently, it has no smell and the cat’s foot feels better.


Disadvantages: The disadvantage of bentonite cat litter is that the dust is relatively large. If it is left at home, a layer of white powder will cover the furniture after a long time. And cats cough and sneeze after smelling it. The granules of bentonite cat litter are relatively small and tend to get stuck between the cat’s toes. It’s not good if the cat licks the litter. Bentonite cat litter cannot be flushed directly to the toilet.


Both types of cat litter are good. The choice is based on the cat and the cat owner’s own situation. If the cat prefers to play with cat litter, then the cat owner can choose tofu cat litter for the cat, but the cat owner wants to Pay attention to choosing a better quality tofu cat litter.



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