Tofu cat litter made from pea fiber, starch, gum with high temperature and high-pressure process. It have so much advantages such as non-toxic, environment-friendly, tasteless, pollution-free, safe, fast adsorption speed and low production cost. All the material are natural ingredients which is harmless even be eaten by accident.

Our Tofu cat litter is flush able. Clumps after meeting liquid can be flush able quickly.

So this makes rubbish clumps treatment much easier. The garbage disposal fee can be saved. It can help save the money in some rich countries.

Our Tofu cat litter is non-toxic. Cat always clean their body by licking their hair.If pets eat Tofu its no harm to pet . This way pet owners don’t have to worry about their pets’ health and pets don’t feel sick.It save owner times and energy to do something more import.

Tofu cat litter has good water absorption, The particles of this cat litter are small and uniform , its diameter 2-3mm.This is our upgraded version of tofu cat litter.It’s have more strong absorption makes cats are not easy to stick hands, keep the cat clean. Won’t mess up the floor decrease the pet’s owner cleaning times. Even though the cat not be careful knocking over the basin,the surface is still dry.

Tofu cat litter has good caking effect. Caking is very hard 1 meter threw down no change shape. Caking very fast about 5 seconds. This advantage help people to cleaning the basin conveniently .

There are many choice of fragrance of Tofu cat litter such as : lemon, apple, lavender, coffee, orange, strawberry, baby powder and so on. The hot sell fragrance are lemon apple lavender, these are so popular in many country in our experience. Our factory used high quality fragrance, so our cat litter has long time fragrance and the fragrance did not evaporate easily.

Tofu cat litter satisfy people the demand for cat litter. Many people buy Tofu cat litter for their cat because it have so much advantage. Tofu cat litter is one of the most popular cat litter.


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