Precautions for using tofu cat litter

1. Will tofu cat litter really not clog the toilet when flushed?

The ability to flush the toilet is a major feature of tofu cat litter, and it is also one of the reasons why many lazy cat owners choose tofu cat litter. But sometimes, tofu cat litter will clog the toilet. It should be noted that although tofu cat litter can be turned into powder when it comes into contact with water, tofu cat litter has been pressed under high pressure and dried at high temperature, and will expand when it comes into contact with water. Although the clumps you took out already have some cat urine, there will still be some dry cat litter that does not absorb much water around it, so it may absorb water and swell to clog the toilet. The best way is to soak it with water and then pour it into the toilet.

2. How is the effect of mixing tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter?

If tofu cat litter is used alone, some cats may not like it; if bentonite is used alone, the dust is relatively large and easy to carry out. So it is okay to use it mixed. Don’t worry about accidental ingestion, it can also reduce carry-out, and the clumping will be better. The most important thing is to choose a cat litter of better quality, so that the combination of the two can play its own advantages. Here we recommend Teddy cat litter for high-quality bentonite cat litter. Teddy cat litter is a high-end bentonite cat litter product of Purina in the United States and the world’s best-selling cat litter. Its advantage is that it improves the dust problem of bentonite cat litter, and the dust is almost invisible. At the same time, Teddy cat litter has a very strong deodorizing ability, which is better than tofu cat litter; in addition, after cats use Teddy cat litter, the amount of particles brought out is significantly reduced.


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