ODD-SHAPED bentonite cat litter

  • Clumping cat litter
  • Macromolecular can water absorbent
  • the raw material is 100% nature Bentonite
  • New beautiful round-shaped/ball-shaped
  • Compact clump
  • Dust free
  • Super odor control


EMILY PETS Odd-Shaped Type Bentonite Cat Litter produced by our company is made of 100% natural bentonite clay, after high-temperature sterilization, Eco-friendly. Super odor control leaving the surrounding fresh with fragrance.

Clumping can quickly absorb. Our sand dust-free rate can be up to 99.9%. Added into several flavors including apple, rose, lavender and lemon, etc.

Our products are also export to clients in such countries and regions as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, North America, South America, Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions…

The benefits of odd-shaped bentonite cat litter

Today, about 75% of the cat litter market is bentonite cat litter. Highly absorbent clay minerals are the material of traditional cat litter, which helps to combine the smell in cat urine. While bentonite cat litter is made from sodium bentonite. clay. The advantage of bentonite sodium clay is that it will clump when wet. Clean up after clumping, and replace with new cat litter.

The reason why most people like bentonite cat litter is that the traditional cat litter must be replaced frequently, and the shovelable cat litter can clean up and discard the solid and small pieces of urine, and add a small amount of new cat litter each time. In the case of incomplete replacement of garbage, cat litter boxes that use agglomerated garbage may last for a month.

We have a very prompt delivery after receiving the down payment.

Emily Pets provides the Odd-shaped Cat Litter made of bentonite which is fully safe for your cat’s health. We provide many flavors those are Apple, Lavender, Lemon, Peach, Rose, Strawberry and Coffee for your cat as well as to your room. With this use of flavors, your cat litter will always be fresh provide good odor. And we also have many packages for your choice. You can also OEM&ODM.


1. Fill clean litter tray with approximately 7-10cm of cat litter for Cats &Kittens.

2. Regularly remove clumps and solid waste to maintain freshness. For more than one cat, shorten usage cycle rather than filling the tray with more litter than recommended.


1. Pour cat litter for Cats & Kittens into the bottom of a clean litter tray, filling to about half what you would normally use.

2. Fill the rest of your litter tray to its normal level with your usual litter, mixing as you add.

3. Be sure to allow your cat time to adjust(approx.1 week)

4. Once your cat has adjusted, empty tray completely and refill with cat litter for Cats & Kittens.)

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