What is tofu cat litter? What are the advantages of tofu cat litter?

Cat litter is an object used by cats to bury feces and urine. It has good water absorption and is usually used together with a cat litter box (or cat toilet). Pour an appropriate amount of cat litter into the cat litter box. When trained cats need to defecate, they will walk into the cat litter box and defecate on it. So is tofu cat litter good to use? Let’s take a look.


1. Tofu cat litter. Although it is called tofu cat litter, its texture is not the same as tofu. Unlike bentonite litter, tofu cat litter is cylindrical. It has better odor absorption effect than ordinary soil litter, and it clumps faster. Urine clumps faster, which is convenient for the shovelers to scoop out.

2. The carry-out of tofu cat litter is not as good as pine wood litter, but it is smaller and easier to carry out than bentonite. Tofu cat litter is medium. Occasionally, the cat’s feet will get some tofu cat litter, or when jumping out of the litter box, it will carry out a little. It is not difficult to clean up.

3. In summary, tofu cat litter is a good cost-effective cat litter, it clumps quickly, and it absorbs odors well.

4. There are many kinds of fragrances for tofu cat litter on the market, such as green tea, cherry blossom, peach, etc., and the effect is actually the same. Even the fragrance is too strong, and cats don’t like it.

5. It may take many attempts to choose the cat litter that your cat likes best. If your cat is unwilling to use the new cat litter, it may be that it does not like this type of cat litter or is not used to it. It needs guidance or replacement of the cat litter. It is best to mix new and old cat litters, and slowly reduce the old cat litter until it is all replaced with new cat litter.


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