Bathing sand

  • Keep a dry and refreshing condition.
  • Bathing exercise can further ensure the hamsters’ healthiness.
  • Dust-free to prevent the influence on the respiratory system and eyes
  • The dry and clean body can prevent hamsters’ hair loss and dermatology problems.


Emily pets hamster bathing sand produced by our company is using 100% natural silica sand, after high-temperature sterilization, natural Eco-friendly, It’s your best choice.

After bathing in the Emily Pets bathing sand, your pet will look very clean and fresh! This 100% natural sand removes skin oil from chinchillas, hamsters and gerbils. In addition, it is dust-free and is particularly safe for your pet’s lungs and your lungs!

it is important to pick the right kind of sand of your hamsters’ bath, as not all varieties of sand are suitable to use. This bacterially cleaned sand has been tested for particle size and density to ensure that it can penetrate your pet’s fur, thereby maintaining skin health and gloss. Small pets do not use water for bathing. If your hamster does enjoy rolling about in a sand bath, then it is not only a good way to keep them clean but provides ample entertainment. As long as they roll happily in the bath sand, they can become very clean!

In the wild, hamsters will use bathing sand to maintain their hygiene, so a sand bath when placed in your pet hamsters cage, could encourage their natural bathing instinct!

Benefits of bathing sand

  • Help shaggy pets clean themselves naturally and promote pets’ outer skin and healthy skin.
  • Emily Pets bathing sand is 100% natural because your pet deserves the best bath!
  • 100% dust-free, which means it will not cause confusion and you and your pet can breathe easily.
  • The same materials used by your pet in its local habitat can help you make healthy modifications, entertain and relax.
  • Scented hamster bathing sand contains quartz stone, some products contain fragrance.
  • After high-temperature sterilization, keep the environment dry and fragrant;
  • Strengthen the amount of exercise through the bathing process, ensure that hamster health;
  • Less dust, avoid damaged respiratory hamster and eyes;
  • Keeping a hamster’s body dry, can prevent hair removal and various skin diseases.

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