Wood shaving

  • Super odor control, super-strong absorbs urine, soft material, no dust, Eco-friendly …
  • Easy to clean and deodorant
  • Our natural wood shavings without any additives, artificial mesh screen, no wood no impurities, clean, healthy and non-toxic, can better care of your pets.


Silver birch wood shavings produced by our company is a high-quality product in wood shavings for small pets, delicate small package easy to carry and storage, soft and comfortable can give the most considerate care of small animals.

Forming a birch wood shavings by high temperature and high pressure, drying degree reach 98%, the moisture absorption ability is very strong, and has the advantages of small volume and easy to carry. After fumigation treatment, no bacteria, safe and reliable.

It can effectively alleviate the excretion of small animals’ smell, keep the air fresh.

comfortable and dry clean, no stimulation of smell, natural non-bleaching, aseptic processing, super magic suction odor, heat preservation, dehumidification, wood is relatively soft, very delicate, very comfortable texture!

There are many small pet bedding items to choose from so that each with advantages and disadvantages.
For small pets, such as snakes, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, etc.
Wood shavings have considerable benefits, so making it a superior choice in many cases.
While a variety of tree species are used for sawdust, if you’re looking for a small litter, your best bet is a sawdust product made from pine or birch wood.

Pine and birch have no antibacterial and ammonia-reducing properties.
And it protects the animal’s hair very well.

  • Raw material: Silver Birch/Russia’s natural Mongolia
  • Moisture: Less than 10%
  • Appearance: white/faint yellow chip shaving
  • Wood shaving: all kinds of pet (hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, chinchillas, guinea pig, and birds)
  • Packing Specification: 500g—-36bags/pp bag
    1kg—-24bags/pp bag
    4kg—-6bags/pp bag
  • Flavor:apple, lemon, lavender (Special fragrance can also be provided)



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