Dust free silver mineral sand

1. Eco-friendly

2. Dust-free

3. Insoluble in water

4. Low water content

5. Fast absorbing water

6. Deodorization&odor control

7. No essence

8. Nonhazardous

9. Cost-effective


Emily Pets brand latest research, Dust-free Mineral Sand. Natural texture, fast water absorption, lock odor, in the price has a great advantage. Follow me!

Raw Materials:

1. Adopt pure natural nonmetallic ore without adding chemical additives, which is safe and assured;

2. To meet the natural habits of cats, cats in the wild use of natural soil burial excreta.


1. Ultra-fine purification process to eliminate dust;

2. Adopt advanced pelletizing equipment, the particles are firm and not easy to be damaged, and secondary dust will not be generated;

3. Adopt 1-2 mm crushing particles to make the agglomerate smaller and the usage less.

Dust-free Mineral Sand does not harm your cat’s lung

Do you know that? Cats can suffer from asthma just as well as people. We’ve talked before about how dust can harm a cat’s nose, but it can also affect the respiratory system, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. For both humans and cats, a dust-free and clean environment will help reduce the chances of a cat getting sick or keeping it under control.

Some cats, such as Himalayan and Siamese, both have a genetic predisposition to asthma. Cat litter particles are also a potential irritant for asthma. The less dust your cat litter produces, the better chance your cat has of avoiding asthma attacks or developing lung irritation.

Product Features:

After the ultra-fine purification process, the dust-free effect can be achieved. During the use, the infection of bacteria, fungus and viruses caused by dust exposure can be reduced, and the risk of urinary system infection and disease can be reduced.
Use this product for about 30 days with 10 kg for an adult cat.
Dust-free technology, used indoors, will not affect the human body, clean, sanitary, protect the life quality of the spade master.



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