Emily Pets bentonite cat litter

  • Deodorization
  • Sterilization
  • Environment-friendly
  • Absorption and substantial caking effect
  • Keeps cats and family healthy especially the respiratory system


Emily Pets Activated Carbon Bentonite Cat Litter is wonderful because it takes advantage of the natural behavior of clay particles by quickly gathering the surrounding liquid and solid waste. Activated carbon contains micropores, which can help reduce odors in the cat litter box and home environments.

  • Naturally clumping litter, last longer bentonite sands.
  • Constantly absorbing odor from the potty tray.
  • Made from 100% natural bentonite.
  • Clumping, extremely low dust, diamond formula, protect the environment.
  • Used For Pet Cleaning.

The special shovel-type compact clumping litter has activated carbon barrier technology to maximize odor control. Because of this, the cat owner uses to use frequently cat litter boxes and multiple cat rooms to keep the house clean and hygienic. The “Activated Carbon Deodorant” system provides long-lasting odor protection. Highly activated carbon has a specific molecular structure that absorbs odors in the pores of the carbon. Thereby eliminating urine, feces and bacteria. The raw material of activated carbon is pure natural sustainable organic. All-natural, made from natural bentonite. Provide the hardest lump, easy to remove waste, and achieve 99% dust-free treatment, which will not be easily taken out of the litter box.

Great capacity and quick speed of absorption activated carbon bentonite cat litter can absorb all excrement and urine of pets and the peculiar smell is given off from them. They can also control the growth of bacteria and keep the surface of the cat litter dry and clean. So the pets may live in a safe and sanitary environment. At the same time, activated carbon cat litter can be used as an air-fresh agent. Which absorbs some easy-volatile gas and moisture in the air and make the room fresh and clean.



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