Emily Pets pine cat litter

  • Natural scent
  • Inhibits odors
  • Extremely dustless
  • Super absorbency
  • Very economical
  • Eco-friend
  • Deodorant
  • Bio-Degradable


Emily Pets premium pine wood cat sand is ideal for your cat’s needs. Its material is 100% pine wood, making it an antibacterial and absorbent product. The unique composition absorbs like a sponge and inhibits odors more than conventional cat litters. Non-Clumping pine wood cat litter is a highly absorbent natural cat litter.

The light pine scent will ensure your cat litter tray stays fresh smelling, and every effort during manufacture has been taken to produce a product with low dust levels, helping to make this product gentle on yours and your cats respiratory system.

Advantages of  pine wood cat litter:

  • Healthy: 100% natural pine wood cat litter
  • Eco-friendly: The whole process does not add any chemical adhesive. After absorbing water can do flower fertilizer or directly put in to the toilet and washed away.
  • Super odor control: After absorbing water it can rapidly lock the ammonia of cat urine, keep a fresh household environment.
  • Dust-free: our pine cat litter texture closely, dusty rarely happens.
  • Good quality low price: Compared with the same quality of foreign brands, Our price is cheaper, provide clients cheap and good cat litter.

Pine wood cat litter is becoming more and more popular nowadays, mainly because of its plant ingredients. The compacted wood particles can quickly absorb the cat’s urine, which can avoid the odor caused by the long-term exposure of cat urine.
Unlike other types of clumping cat litter, pine cat litter does not clump. After absorbing urine, they will swell to 3-5 times of their own and then turn into wood dust powder. Here, you need a double-layer cat litter box. Those fragments that will become sawdust will accumulate at the bottom of the box. You only need to add the same amount of cat litter in the cat litter box and remove the dust below to keep the cat in the toilet. The formed cat feces will be well surrounded by cat litter, as long as it is cleaned up with a cat litter in time.

In summary, if you want a cheap and biodegradable cat litter solution, then pine cat litter will be a good choice!



  • Raw material: Senior Mongolia
  • Diameter (mm): 4mm/6mm
  • Length(mm):  6-15mm
  • Moisture:  < 8%
  • Deodorization rate:   65-95%
  • Water Absorption:  about 400%/300%
  • Grain density : 0.55-0.65g/ml
  • Grain density : 0.55-0.65g/ml
  • Appearance:  light yellow

Packing Specification: 4L—2kg/bag—-10bags/pp bag
10L—5.5kg/bag —-4bags/pp bag
20kg/pp bag


1. Place a layer of 7-10cm deep of pine cat litter into the tray for your cat to use comfortably.

2. To remove the solid waste from the tray as necessary and do not have to keep daily cleaning.

3. It is up to five times more absorbent than traditional cat litter.

4. After use, pine cat litter will absorb and release fresh pine scent.

5. Cat litter powder can be used as fertilizer for flowers and plants.

6. Dispose of the used litter with appropriate household waste.

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