Emily Pets high quality tofu cat litter

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  • Light and soft
  • Safe and edible
  • Green and eco-friendly
  • Degradable and flushable
  • No dust and ease of clean
  • Deodorant and anti-bacterial
  • Quickly clumping and highly absorbent


Tofu Cat Litter is made of a soybean fiber that has great absorption, odor control and clumping effect. It absorbs the cat’s urine in a few seconds and then clumps. Easy for cat owners to scoop out the clumped litter.

100% Biodegradable and Flushable materials: Unlike clay or silica litter, Tofu Cat Litter is primarily made up of 100% biodegradable and flushable materials. No more overloaded rubbish bins as you have an alternative method of disposing of used cat litter.

Natural Ingredients: Made with natural Tofu which is excellent in absorbing urine and Cornstarch which helps eliminate foul odours, and prevents it from sticking to the litter tray by clumping quickly. It also has a natural Green Tea Powder, which helps to further eliminate nasty odor, leaving your cats smelling fresh all day, every day.

Benefits of tofu cat litter

Natural Material
Tofu cat litter has the beneficial effects of environmental protection, waste utilization, natural material and fragrance, the safety of humans and pets. It could be edible and flushable.
Bean is best in water-absorbing plants. It can soak cat urine very quickly and completely. Super absorbency and absorbed quickly, that’s twice as much as other similar products.

It has no dust, so it won’t stain your lovely cat’s paws. Keeping your home clean.

Easy to scoop clumps
It clumps very easily and quickly, clumps are small and hard.

Excellent odor control
Superb odor locking ability, add corn、 green tea and so on. The smell is fragrant.

Healthy and safe
Natural food-grade materials, If your lovely cat eats it by accident, it is harmless and safe for the cat.

The main ingredient of cat litter is beancurd residue. Bean is able to soak 300%
water than its own weight, so it is more durable than cat litter made of bentonite or silica gel. one cat has to use 10kgs Bentonite cat litter one week, or only need 3kgs Tofu Cat litter.

Biodegradable and recyclable
It is flushable in the toilet. if you plant flowers or trees, the used tofu cat litter is a wonderful organic fertilizer.

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