Pine clumping cat litter

  • Simple Disposal
  • Economical
  • Superior Quality
  • Odor controlling
  • Low tracking


Our wood clumping cat litter is made from natural wood. It is chemical-free and safe for both the owners and the pets. Natural pine wood is biodegradable which deems to be eco-friendly, it’s easy to clean and can serve as your garden fertilizer too. On top of our cat litter having excellent clumping ability, wood has the natural ability to trap liquid, which makes this an excellent environmentally friendly product.

Wood having another natural ability to trap odor is a good choice for odor control. It is like our Pine Cat Litter (non-clumping). Having a natural wood scent and does not contain any irritating chemical fragrances. Only the appreciation of natural wood aroma deodorizes the surroundings and creates a natural environment. It is very suitable for small confine areas.

All our wood cat litter went through the process of high temperature and high pressure, as well as underwent a comprehensive process of sterilization that remove harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, fungi and pests to provide a “clean land’ for our loving cats, setting your heart at ease.


●Clumping wood cat litter is bar-shaped but with round edges. This is more comfortable to step on and will not stick to the cat’s paws. This means the cat can’t bring the pellets out of the litter box.

●Very effective at removing odors: Wood fibers naturally prevent enzymes from binding to liquids and waste products, thereby preventing ammonia and odor production. Subtract the annoyance from the smell.
●Solid mass for easy shoveling: absorb liquid in contact and form solid mass for easy shoveling and cleaning.
●99% dust-free is healthier: Clean wood fibers are cleaner when screened and dusted.
●No artificial flavors, no synthetic chemicals, no toxic dyes, no GMOs.
●Longer life cat litter: Fast and absorbant means no liquid gets to the bottom of the bin.
●Regular weeding can last up to seven weeks.



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