Choosing cat litter is a very important thing for cat owners. The hydroscopicity of cat litter, agglomerate, dosage, dust all should accord with certain standard and psychological expectation. Consider whether cats like to use it, whether it has an impact on the environment, and whether it is harmful to humans. So Emily Pets’s  new pine wood clumping cat litter has all of these issues in mind.


This kind of pine wood clumping cat litter is different from the common pine cat litter. It is made of natural pine and natural gum. The absorbent and agglomerating force of pine fiber are strengthened.

・The diameter of cat litter is 3mm standard strip sand, which can avoid sticky claws and prevent them from being taken out. It is not easy to splash when burying feces.

・For every 100g of litter, it can lock up 700g of water, which is very economical. With a box of 6L of litter, a cat can use it for nearly a month.

・It clumps quickly and tightly, doesn’t pulverize, dust, or stick to the bottom, and scoops up easily, making it easier to clean the litter box.

・The most important thing is that it is also very worry free, encounter a lot of water will dissolve quickly, can flush the toilet directly, do not have to often go downstairs to throw garbage, but also can reduce the use of garbage bags, convenient and environmental protection.


This cat litter also has one of the biggest features: it’s tasteless!


Pine wood cat litter 0 formaldehyde 0 essence, specially added natural essential oil composition, can lock and decompose odor, plus wood fiber has adsorption ability to odor. Excellent agglomerating ability can quickly wrap cat excrement cat urine, reduce odor diffusion.


The raw material of cat litter is selected from high-quality natural wood source, and the sustainable use of forest resources is insisted. The wood is natural branches and raw natural wood fragments, which are safe and environmentally friendly.



According to SGS authority test, cat litter does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals, and is not harmful to the health of cats and people.


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